Turn each day into simple and actionable steps

TimeNoder2 helps you to organize your work and hobbies into actionable tasks that you then put into your timeline!

TailBliss - Our Mission

Master Your Tasks with Ease

Dive into efficient task management. Organize, prioritize, and conquer your to-do list, ensuring every task is perfectly aligned with your goals for unparalleled productivity.

Your Ultimate Scheduling Assistant

Effortlessly plan your days, weeks, and months. Our comprehensive calendar integration allows for seamless planning, enabling you to visualize and adjust your schedule with just a few taps.

TailBliss - Our Mission
TailBliss - Our Mission

Strategic Prioritization with Eisenhower Matrix

Simplify decision-making. The Eisenhower Matrix helps you sort tasks by urgency and importance, focusing your efforts on what truly matters and enhancing your productivity.

Optimize Your Time with Precision Tracking

Master your productivity with our time tracker and timer features. Whether you're working on a project, studying, or focusing on personal tasks, our tools help you manage your time efficiently, ensuring you stay on track and make the most out of every minute.

TailBliss - Our Mission
TailBliss - Our Mission

Unlock Insights into Your Performance

Empower your productivity journey with detailed statistics. Discover patterns in task completion, time management, and more, allowing you to make informed decisions to boost your efficiency.

Advanced Productivity Insights

Go beyond basic analytics. Our advanced statistics offer deeper insights into your performance, helping you understand your efficiency levels, goal achievement rate, and areas for improvement.

TailBliss - Our Mission
TailBliss - Our Mission

Rewards That Motivate

Feel the joy of achievement. Our rewards system celebrates your milestones and successes, encouraging you to stay on track and motivated as you build and maintain positive habits.

Note-Taking for the Detail-Oriented

Capture every detail that matters. Our feature-rich note editor is designed for tasks and projects requiring extra attention, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

TailBliss - Our Mission

Download for each mobile platform

Use it on Android and IOS while being ready that support for other platforms is coming!